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  • Date: Feb 3,2008


The TAZ was created by a group of friends who were regular members of a forum community ( a computer security community ) who were, at the time, very unsatisfied with that community. So we decided to create our own.

In August 2005 we started several blogs on Blogger, then opened up our own forum ( TAZforum ) on December 24th, 2005. Our first year we had over 52,000 posts.

On December 28th, 2005 TheTAZZone.com was born. Which originally was just an extension of the forum, a place to play games and post original member tutorials. It has since changed to a stand alone website, offering over 1000 full-screen and ad-free games to play; several original tutorials written by our members on computers, Photoshop, PHP, CISCO, Adobe, computer security, phpBB, general trouble-shooting, etc…; 20 Classic Rock music lists, and 3 Classic Rock trivia lists; as well as a variety of commentary on various subjects.

Presently the TAZ Network comprises 8 domains and approximately 76 websites or blogs. The newest additions have been 3 dedicated Directories ( The Sports Directory, The Tech Directory, and The Social Directory ) where people can submit their sites and even post articles.

The TAZ is a non-commercial site…the main traffic goes to our games and our forum, both of which are ad-free…we are the ONLY site on the Net that offers over 1000 games full-screen and ad-free ( no annoying ads getting in the way of playing the games, and no accidental clicks that take you where you don’t want to go )…

the Directories offer upgrades but the free submit is so good that you really don’t need to upgrade.

We also offer free use of our stock avatars and smileys…for people who need them.

We also occasionally assist in the promotion of our friends sites on our Blip.fm DJ Station, and through reviews of their sites on TheTAZZone.com. We like to spread the love around once in awhile. 😀

Presently TheTAZZone.com is approximately 275,000 on Alexa, 122,613 on Compete, and 111923 on Quantcast. And has been as low as 167,000 on Alexa. ( but the Summer months are brutal to our traffic stats ).

Normally we average about 42,000 unique visitors a month, and approximately 100,000 page views. Not including the 1000+ games, as they are ad-free, and they are not tracked by Quantcast either.

We also have a Free to Use photo site, that also has several original member Photoshop tutorials on it ( courtesy of our member Ally )…you are welcome to use any of the photos on the site for any project, all we ask is that you link back, you don’t have to, but as a courtesy we’d appreciate it. You are, however, not allowed to take the tutorials as they are Ally’s.

Well, I guess you can see why we call the TAZ the place Where Internet Chaos becomes an art form…as we offer so many different things.

Spanks for listening! 😀