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  • Date: Jul 23,2018

Julien Martini, Kate Hoang and William Kopp at the table

As an avid online poker player, sometimes you want the thrill and excitement of the top tournament table without having to commit the time and energy needed to get there. This is where Sit & Go tournaments provide the perfect solution. Sit & Go games usually only last between 20 and 60 minutes, and each one is already like the final stage of a multi-table tournament without the long grind beforehand. They are the perfect games for the casual player, the beginner, and players who don’t have a lot of time but still want to hone their skills.

Sit & Go tournaments usually have options for low cost buy-ins, but offer the possibility of high pay-outs. This makes them accessible to most players and ideal for the inexperienced beginner. Playing in these fast-paced tournaments is not only exhilarating, but also a great way to learn. The tournaments include a variety of different games, so you can choose among those available based to your preference and skill set. If you’ve been looking to get to grips with Texas Hold ‘em, then enter a Sit & Go and be prepared for a baptism of fire.

As Sit & Go tournaments have no set schedule, they get going as soon as the table is full. Also, most games of this type pay out the entire stack to the winner, but sometimes they divide the prize between the final 2 or 3 players. It’s a high-stakes game, but worth it for the hard lessons you’ll learn in the process. It’s also a softer fall if you get knocked out of the tournament, as you haven’t spent hours building up to that final table. If you don’t make it to the end, simply sit down at another table, and within minutes you’ll be playing again, but this time with a little more expertise!

The PokerStars Spin & Go model is an even more intense version of this style of play, as it features a three-player setup with 500-chip starting stacks and a randomly-assigned prize pool. The site hosts both Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha Poker Spin & Gos, and this tournament is designed to be even quicker than your standard Sit & Go. As there are only three players at the table, the game will progress quickly, and you’ll need to think on your feet. They also offer themed versions of the game, like the current Spin & Goal tournament, which features a set buy-in of $5 and the opportunity to play for free, since they have freeroll tickets up for grabs. The reward for winning the Spin & Goal is a maximum $1,000,000 payout to celebrate this year’s summer of football, so the potential reward for this short game is enormous.

Sit & Go games represent the ultimate opportunity to sharpen your skills and quickly identify the weaknesses in your playing style. As they are so fast-moving, they are easy to fit into any schedule and can be picked up at any time. They appeal to experts and beginners alike, whether you’re after an introduction to the craft or a quick dip into a game in order to keep your hand in.

( image provided by Jamie Thomson, PokerNews )

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